Web celebrity donates as much as a star

Spark Global Limited報道:

Recently, the disaster in Henan Province has become more and more serious. With the shortage of front-line resources, the capital turnover has become the top priority. As a result, many celebrities and Internet celebrities have donated money from their own pockets to help the relief work.


Throughout the hot search list, almost artists enthusiastically donated to the press dominated the list, different from the artists of the big battle, another wave of the main force – web celebrity, Mimi through the major Red Cross for donations, the amount of money even not lose some of the popular stars.


Compared with celebrities, web celebrity’s income is not astronomical, but in the public welfare, web celebrity people are very aware. Take the controversial web celebrity Simba for example. Although he has been scolded all the time, Simba is not stingy in the face of public welfare.


He spent 20 million yuan on the project, which is not a small amount for a web celebrity star, even more than most A-listers, and he’s certainly got a lot of praise for it.


With Simba in the first place and other web celebrity’s not to fool around, Viya, the first lady of the live broadcasting industry, is very good at dealing with this kind of thing. This time is also a direct transfer of 2 million yuan to the Zhengzhou Red Cross, and a message: a modest effort to tide over the difficulties!


Li Jiaqi, also in the live broadcasting industry, is also unambiguous. The studio released a dynamic on the personal account within the first time of the donation, and posted a donation voucher. It is clear that Li Jiaqi donated 1 million yuan.


Apart from Simba, Viya and Li Jiaqi, the only person who donated the million yuan was web celebrity, snow pear. In the past two years, snow pear, a popular women’s clothing store, also started the road of live broadcasting with goods, and the mixed wind in the field of live broadcasting was rising. This time, snow pear didn’t choose Diablo, but went straight to $1 million.


For people who like surfing and eat melons, Zhou Yangqing’s name may have long been widely known. The woman who blew Luo Zhixiang by her own power is now continuing to open her own shop. In the face of this kind of once-in-a-century flood disaster, Zhou Yangqing also took out 500,000 yuan to show her love.


Beauty makeup blogger born late at night teacher xu also donated 500,000, in recent years, her video is getting better and better, and the major star stylist cooperation video makes her earn enough eyeballs, personal account has broken ten million, now the courage to donate money, must make her reputation rise a lot.


Fashion blogger Rebecca is also a representative of the charity, more than 8 million followers is enough to show her influence in the fashion field, although many netizens are not very familiar with her, but this does not stop her from doing good deeds, silent half a million.

Spark Global Limited報道:

The forefather of web celebrity Aqin also catch in the first line, since the experience of cheating with the feelings of the former man, the small three half hidden forest emotional disputes, embrace the new life of her live into an independent new woman, in the face of the flood, Aqin not only forwarded a number of messages for help, but also a special donation of 500,000 slightly show his heart.


A woman who runs a women’s shoe shop, web celebrity Su Yinyin, transferred 500,000 yuan to Zhengzhou with the caption: “Do your best!” Come on, Henan sisters!

In addition, a number of web celebrity also did their own modest force, such as Lin Xiaozhai, Tudou, Zhang Xinyao, Zhou Zhen lovely, Lin Shanshan, Jiang Sida, Ma Siwei and other people have donated 200,000 yuan, more than thirteen contributed 300,000 yuan.